Natural Remedies for Night Sweats

natural remedies for night sweatsNight sweats is very bad ailment that does not allow another person to come nearer. If it is happening due to any infection, it eliminates when infection removes but in case of menopause or andropause it is a constant condition which is unbearable. In most of the women night sweats are the symptom of menopause when their estrogen level becomes low whereas in men andropause that is commonly known as male menopause appears in the form of night sweats. The general cause is the imbalance of estrogen that is quite natural with the increase in age. If it prolongs it may create many problems especially sleep disturbance and tension. You can take the help of natural remedies for night sweats which are very effective and easy in application. Some herb such as sage is a great herbal remedy that gives you complete relief from night sweats.

Vitamins and minerals are the best natural remedies for night sweats therefore you must focus them for your daily diet. In case of daily night sweats your body may suffer from the deprivation of essential vitamins and minerals. Take regularly additional supplements and vitamins for the recovery; especially take magnesium, potassium, vitamin B and C. Licorice root reduces the problem of night sweats because it contains glycyrrhizin which is best cure for all type of female disorders. It has estrogen characteristics therefore you feel relief in the night sweat that is the main symptoms of menopause. Similarly macafem root has the same properties and provides best relaxation from night sweats. It produces phytoestrogen herbs that nourishe female hormones as well as glands. In this way these glands becomes able to produce their own estrogen. You notice that you are feeling improvement in the symptoms of night sweats.



Soy products are quite natural remedies for night sweats like soy milk and tofu contain enough quantity of phytoestrogen therefore it gives you thoroughly relief from the hurdles of night sweats. It is a mild and plant-based estrogenic compound that gives comforts to the patients of night sweats. Likewise flax seeds are also natural cure of this same issue as well as it is helpful in other symptoms of menopause. Take forty grams of flax seeds and mix in soups or other dishes or you can add in variety of ways to make more delicious and tasty dish. You can even mix flax seeds with yogurt or can drink with milk too. Its oil is also present and you can use it for cooking as the best alternate of flax seeds. Evening primrose has large quantity of GLA or gamma linoleic acid which alleviates night sweats in a better way. It is presented in supplement form too like capsules and easily available at all medical stores.

home remedies for night sweatsArrange your bed room with proper ventilation, loose garments for bed time and breathable fabric bedding are the great natural remedies for night sweats. Give attention on these arrangements to avoid restless sleeping due to the night sweats problem.

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